Ride Smart Florida attends bike events, rallies and bike nights around the state to connect riders to safety resources. Check out our calendar and stop at our tent for more safety information, tips, and items!

3rd Annual Tailgate with the Bucs – December 2018:

Ride Smart Florida attended the third annual Motorcycle Tailgate with the Bucs at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. This year’s event was somewhat hampered by wind and rain, but die-hard motorcyclists from around the state showed up in the Lot 14 parking area complete with a pickup truck chase vehicle containing tailgating articles including a tent, coolers, and Bucs gear to cheer on their favorite team. Locals and riders from as far away as New Smyrna Beach hung out under the tent discussing riding gear, riding in the rain, as well as, visibility and common mistakes made by riders approaching intersections. This close-knit group of Bucs fan motorcyclists discussed at length what’s happening on Florida’s roads and the importance of seeking additional rider training. The event was sponsored by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and food was provided by Publix. A fourth Annual Tailgate with the Bucs is planned for next year and Ride Smart Florida outreach team members look forward to attending this fun-filled Fan Zone event. 

Biketoberfest – October 2018:

Ride Smart Florida outreach team members attended the 2018 Biketoberfest event in Daytona Beach Florida. Throughout the four-day event, outreach team members worked with Brand Ambassadors to collect iPad survey data in various locations around the event. Many Florida residents took part in activities for a hi-vis Ride Smart Florida t-shirt while others increased their safety and conspicuity with a pair of Ride Smart Florida reflective armbands. Others picked up reflective tape and reflective “Do Not Remove” helmet stickers to embellish their gear and motorcycles. Our booth setup located at the Daytona Motor Speedway was comprised of informational standees and four tables complete with reflective safety items, various informational pamphlets, and up-to-date crash data on display. Additionally, a Brand Ambassador team worked with us this year to demonstrate Fatal Vision Goggles and to collect iPad data. Ride Smart Florida team members were on-hand to educate, answer questions, and collect data from more than 350 participants during the event. Staff members interacted with participants from various counties throughout the state, as well as with many out of state visitors at the event.

Osceola Skills Challenge – October 2018:

Staff members from the Ride Smart Florida outreach team attended the 2nd Annual Motorcycle Skills Challenge in Kissimmee Florida. At this event we had a superb setup right next to the registration table with good foot traffic from attendees and on-site staff members. With fantastic weather everyone present was in high spirits. Due to the nature of a riding competition participants were out to do their best for the spectators as well as for each other. And that they did! There were two groups of riders and prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, place for various limited and timed courses. We collected survey data from those present and provided many participants with Ride Smart Florida reflective armbands to help make themselves and their bikes more visible to motorists.

14th Annual USO Benefit Ride – September 2018:

Ride Smart Florida team members set up a booth at Orlando Harley South for the USO Motorcycle Benefit Ride, one of the best and largest fund-raising events of its kind. This year’s mission was to show the men and women in our Armed Forces that Central Florida’s motorcycle community has not forgotten their sacrifices by thanking them for the job they do by supporting the Greater Jacksonville USO “Care Package Program.” With more than 300 in attendance, Ride Smart Florida collected survey data and interacted with attendees about the importance of helmet usage, wearing protective gear, saying no to drinking and riding, and getting proper training. Conversations with attendees at this event were mostly positive and uplifting. Everyone involved came together in a like-minded fashion in support of our troops and their families.

Summerfried and Countryfried Festival – September 2018:

Outreach staff from Ride Smart Florida attended a community event called the “Summerfried and Countrified” Festival at Linda Pedersen Park in Spring Hill, Florida for some of the best country music and southern rock artists in the Tampa Bay area. Summerfried and Countrified provided a venue for patrons from all walks of life and gave our team members the opportunity to interact with bikers and non-bikers alike. Attendees’ present took time to stop and read the important crash scenario messages printed on our standees and served to help us get our message out to more car drivers and motorcyclists alike.

Tampa Bay Area Riders – August 2018:

Outreach staff from Ride Smart Florida attended several Tampa Bay Area Riders Bike Nights at the Brewlands Billiards in Hillsborough County during the month of August. These events typically draw between 30 to 70 riders anad attendance is made up of mostly sport bike riders who are enticed to attend by peers on Facebook and by getting their name entered in a drawing hosted by the organizers of the group. Conversations with outreach staff include various bike models and modifications, safety gear, saying no to drinking and riding, and length of riding time. One meetup sparked a lively discussion related to lane splitting in Florida. All in all, these events attract a younger group sport bike riders with whom we can share our safety items and messages.

Quaker Steak and Lube – July 2018:

Outreach staff from Ride Smart Florida attended the Quaker Steak and Lube Bike Night in Pinellas Park Florida. This event allowed for meaningful conversations about riders’ personal riding experiences and how reflection on those experiences can illustrate what can happen while riding. There were approximately 80 to 100 bikers in attendance with a few visitors from out of state. Most conversations involved of helmet use, along with conspicuity and near miss incidents, as were, training and the dangers of stunting on public roadways. Sharing riding experiences and distributing safety related materials in a learner-centered manner serves as an upshot at any event.

Leesburg Bikefest – April 2018:

Outreach team members set up a booth at Gator Harley-Davidson’s Leesburg Bikefest Kickoff party where we were one of 30 vendors available to the public. Over the course of four days, legions of bikers rumbled in to the fields surrounding the dealership while riders and passengers alike strolled through our booth to talk about motorcycles. Conspicuity and motorcycle crash types provided us with a lot of traction for discussion. Our standees and crash trend handouts sparked conversations and personal stories about experiences some riders have while riding on the street. Additionally, we created business card-sized advertisements for our May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month campaign and interacted with the downtown crowd directing people to our Web site and social media outlets for our #MotorcycleFatalityFree123 campaign. Interactions were positive and riders were receptive to the messages to always wear a DOT compliant helmet, to never drink and ride, and to make themselves more visible to motorists. As evidenced by the increase in number of people ordering safety materials and yard signs and others redirecting riders and passengers in-person to our booth setup at the event, the advertising and outreach efforts do indeed work! With lots of attendees and great weather, this was a good event to spread the Ride Smart Florida message.

Shakes, Rattles, Rides, & Rods – April 2018:

Team members from Ride Smart Florida’s outreach effort attended the 4th Annual Shakes, Rattles, Rides, & Rods event in Brandon Florida. This fundraising event served to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the Frances J. Zesiewicz Center for Parkinson’s disease at the University of South Florida. Team members had an opportunity to collect data and communicate one-on-one with motorcycle riders, passengers, and enthusiasts about motorcycle safety, rider conspicuity, and rider training. Many attendees took part in group rides originating in Gibsonton, Plant City, and the Tampa Bay area. This fundraising venue was a terrific place for Ride Smart Florida to interact with the public and have conversations with those who share a passion for motorcycles and for helping others.

Woman’s Day Conference – April 2018:

As the communication and outreach extension of the Florida Motorcycle Safety Coalition, Ride Smart Florida worked closely with coalition members to provide an active engagement presentation at the 13th Annual Women’s Day Conference in Leesburg Florida. Ride Smart Florida staff worked with a team of health care professionals from Orlando Health to provide a presentation with hands-on activities covering the ABCs of bleeding. This presentation provided valuable information on how to stop bleeding after an injury: The number one cause of preventable death from trauma. The information was well received by this enthusiastic group of women motorcycle riders. Everyone involved earned a certificate for the completion of a basic skills demonstration and exposure to bleeding control techniques. We now have over 70 more people in the riding community with raised awareness of basic actions to help stop life threatening bleeding.

Deland Bike Rally – March 2018:

The 2018 Deland Bike Rally was well attended with an estimated crowd of 20,000 and the weather couldn’t have been nicer! Outreach team members worked throughout the day and took the opportunity to communicate with participating bikers about all things related to motorcycle safety. Helmets, riding gear, and rider training were talked about in much detail and were supplemented with training brochures and safety items designed to increase rider conspicuity. Personal accounts were received on being diligent in traffic and how techniques learned in a S.M.A.R.T. Course helped riders who encountered similar situations on the road. Outreach staff collected rider information data and promoted the message “Drink + Ride = Lose” throughout the event.

6th Annual Osceola Law Ride – February 2018:

Ride Smart Florida attended the sixth anniversary of the Osceola Law Ride in Kissimmee Florida sponsored by the Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. There were approximately 300 to 400 people present with many attending the actual 50-mile escorted ride. Kissimmee fire department was on hand with two ladder trucks and a large American flag to mark the start of the ride. Members from the Buffalo Soldiers group were also present to help support the cause. We collected survey data from Florida residents and out-of-state riders alike. Many riders stopped by to thank us for our continuing efforts to raise motorcycle safety awareness, educate the public, and help aid with conspicuity with safety items that help riders be seen. Reflective arm bands and reflective tape were very popular items among attendees at this event. We also heavily advertised advanced rider training through S.M.A.R.T. courses taught at Sherriff’s Departments in Gainesville, Osceola, and Tallahassee.

Motorcycle Expo Bike Builder Invitational – February 2018:

Ride Smart Florida’s outreach team setup a booth at the Quaker Steak and Lube in Clearwater for the 2018 Full Throttle Bike Builder Invitational event. Our setup was highly visible to the public including motorists and bikers who traveled along 49th street which is an extremely busy street in Pinellas County. At this 3-day event, Ride Smart Florida messages were discussed in depth with visitors and included being visible in traffic, saying no to drinking and riding, getting trained, and always riding with a DOT compliant helmet. Conversations with attendees involved interactions and personal stories shared with SET Team members throughout each day. Several sport bikers who stopped by the booth were very interested in additional training and the Track Day program. Staff members acquired approximately 200 surveys with the majority of booth visitors completing a five question quiz related to riding. This event was a huge success as many our safety items were distributed and statistical data disseminated through interactions with riders from around the state. In addition, Ride Smart Florida team members received a beautiful trophy at this year’s event.

Car & Motorcycle Show Family Fun Fair – January 2018:

Ride Smart Florida’s outreach team members attended the Renaissance Charter School at West Palm Beach to participate in a Car and Motorcycle Family Fun Fair event to raise money for charity. There were over 300 people present to help the cause. The local Ford Mustang club, the Big Red Bus, the Palm Beach County SWAT Team, along with Ride Smart Florida were present to meet and greet the public. We distributed Motorcycle Safety Fun Books to parents and children at this event and were able to talk directly with motorcyclists who rode in to the event. Ride Smart Florida distributed reflective safety items, emergency contact cards, and advanced training brochures to help educate the public with the hope to make Florida motorcyclists safer.


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2nd Annual Motorcycle Only Tailgate – December 2017:

Team members from Ride Smart Florida attended a motorcycle-only tailgate at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. Tampa Bay Bucs administration hosted the event for the second time and provided discounted game tickets, food, a live DJ, in a parking area set up especially for motorcyclists. This fan-zone event served as a motorcycle-only tailgate zone in Parking Lot #14 for motorcycle riders who rode in to attend the game. The Ride Smart Florida team members were set up in this area and were successful in talking directly with many bikers, distributing safety items, and gathering survey data at this event. Most people involved seemed eager to plan another motorcycle-only tailgate sometime next season.

Biketoberfest – October 2017:

Ride Smart Florida attended Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach Florida. Team members worked throughout the four-day event with not only iPad surveys, but also a helmet raffle give-away. Florida residents who took part in our survey were automatically eligible for an entry into a free helmet prize drawing. Additionally, by taking a short quiz and earning a 100%, participants could garner a second entry into the sweepstakes to increase their odds of winning. Over 220 participants took part in this activity with others increasing their safety and conspicuity with reflective armbands. Others earned one of our Ride Smart Florida hi-vis t-shirts and reflective tape to embellish their gear and motorcycles. Our booth setup was comprised of two tents and four tables complete with various safety items. Five Ride Smart Florida team members were on-hand to educate, answer questions, and collect data from more than 300 surveys during the event. Staff members interacted with participants from various counties throughout the state, as well as with many out of state visitors at the venue.

SMART Skills Challenge – October 2017:

An Osceola Sheriff’s Department SMART Skills Challenge Event was held in Osceola county Florida. This skills challenge event was open to the public and served to bring together experienced civilian riders on all types of street legal motorcycles in a competitive environment. Attendees were eager to discuss motorcycle safety and interacted with officers and Ride Smart Florida team members during the event. Competitors got the chance to ride through challenging cone patterns without knocking over or touching cones thus allowing them to put an emphasis on rider control and ultimately rider safety. The courses were designed to push the limits of every motorcycle rider’s capabilities.

Leesburg Rally – April 2017:

Representatives of Ride Smart Florida attended the Gator Harley-Davidson Leesburg Bikefest Event in Leesburg, Florida, in April 2017. Team members administered iPad surveys and rewarded participants with reflective armbands and took photos of participants with signed safety pledges for t-shirts. Two tents and three tables were set up with various safety items for booth visitors to take. Several visitors “liked” us on Facebook to earn one a Ride Smart Florida reflective t-shirt. Four Ride Smart Florida staff members were on hand who worked two days and collected more 200 iPad surveys. More than 120 t-shirts were awarded for signed safety pledges, Facebook likes, and shared Facebook posts. Team members got to interact with participants in a more concentrated area without the noise and distractions of a downtown venue.

Cycle Gear Bike Night – April 2017:

Cycle Gear Bike Nights are booming! About 28 participants attended, and most were Sport Bike riders. Ride Smart Florida was one of several vendors present, and everyone attending wore proper protective riding gear both entering and exiting the event. Signed safety pledges were collected from 18 participants, and most who filled out a safety pledge selected “I always wear a helmet when I ride” shirts. Reflective arm bands and emergency contact cards along with Motorcycle Violations Checklists were popular among attendees. Cycle Gear employees helped get the word out by posting some of Ride Smart Florida’s May is Motorcycle Awareness Month posters on their properties. Bike Nights at Cycle Gear are growing in popularity and will be more heavily advertised going forward.

Woman’s Day Conference – April 2017:

The 12th annual Women’s Day Conference at Gator Harley-Davidson in Leesburg, Florida, was well organized, with about 50 participants in attendance representing several women’s riding groups across the state. Ride Smart Florida presented a safety message with interactive activities on two trouble spots for motorcyclists: intersections and curves. The presentation emphasis illustrated using proper entry speed for curves and what to do when approaching intersections to try and stay safe. Additionally, guests learned about T-CLOCS and the value of performing pre-ride checks. Interactive activities highlighted three groups of factors that can add up to trouble for a motorcyclist: rider factors, motorcycle factors, and environment factors. The activities served to drive home the point that there are many factors that can cause an incident and that riders have control over two of the three groups of factors. It also stimulated some discussion on loading a bike with luggage properly, group riding, and tire maintenance. Participants at the event were challenged to go out and spread our message!

Deland Bike Rally – March 2017:

The Deland Bike Rally attracted an estimated 40 to 50,000 attendees with many Florida residents. The Ride Smart Florida booth setup area brought lots of visitors who showed a keen interest in reflective tape and training brochures. Additionally, Ride Smart Florida’s arm bands were extremely popular, with green the most popular color and orange a close second. Overall, conversations and comments from attendees were good. Many indicated appreciation for what Ride Smart Florida is doing in the state.

Quaker Steak & Lube Bike Builder Expo – February 2017:

The 2017 Quaker Steak & Lube Bike Builder Invitational event has gotten larger every year, drawing in a few thousand attendees, most of whom are Florida residents. The Ride Smart Florida tent attracted many interested participants who talked about their personal riding experiences. Some elaborated on great rides they have had or actual crashes they had experienced. Other conversations consisted of how to corner properly, which is where many single vehicle motorcycle accidents occur. Safety pledges were signed by those who could identify personally with the commitments on the pledges. Surveys were taken for armbands. Many attendees thanked us for what we do across the state.

Thunder By The Bay – January 2017:

The 2017 Thunder By The Bay rally, a two-day event, typically is very well attended and usually draws crowds in the tens of thousands. Despite the rainy and cold weather, this year’s event was well-received. The weather prompted Ride Smart Florida team members to discuss with visitors riding in cold, rainy weather, allowing talking points geared towards preventing hypothermia by dressing in layers and wearing appropriate cold weather riding gear, as well as reflexes and reaction time. Conspicuity or being seen in dreary, cloudy, weather provided the opportunity to have conversations about bright, reflective riding gear and to offer sets of reflective armbands for survey data. Some visitors were interested in additional rider training, which also provided the opportunity to distribute rider training brochures that advertise SMART training courses throughout the state. No motorcycle rally is complete without music, food, stunt shows, and Ride Smart Florida!