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Improving motorcyclist safety throughout Florida
230 K
Motorcyclists in Florida
610 K
Motorcycle Fatalities in 2022
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S.M.A.R.T. courses

The goal of SMART Courses are to help students demonstrate safe motorcycle riding techniques by negotiating commonly found street riding situations in a controlled and skill oriented manner. SMART Courses are fun and very informative, and are offered in Collier County, Osceola, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Palm Beach County, and Tampa. They challenge you where they know they can and help you where they see it’s needed. Click here for more information


Say no to drinking and riding


Make yourself more visible to motorists


Always wear your helmet when you ride


Ride in control. Within legal & personal limits


Train regularly and get endorsed

Say No to Drinking and Riding

Drinking influences your perception, thinking, and coordination. The consequences of drinking and riding are serious and real.

WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? You could spend…

minimum in jail
0 hrs
in fines
$ 0 k
without a license
0 yrs

Motorcyclist Visibility

Make yourself more visible to motorists

Keeping the roadway safe for all users is the responsibility of both motorists and motorcyclists— everyone can do their part. Motorcyclists should make sure they can be seen in a crowd, because riders who are visible or “conspicuous” are less likely to have their right-of-way violated. 

Always wear your Helmet

Always wear your helmet and other protective gear when you ride.

Person with motorcycle helmet on

Ride in control and within your limits.

The fines for exceeding the speed limit by more than 50mph…

for the first offense
$ 0 k
for the second
$ 0 k
days without a license

Train regularly and get endorsed

Reacting safely and efficiently to hazards on the road requires practice and muscle memory. Training courses are an exciting way for you to practice crash-avoidance techniques, and to enhance your overall riding experience.


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