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RS_aboutWelcome to Ride Smart Florida

Ride Smart Florida, developed by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) State Safety Office and program partners, is the communication and outreach extension of the Florida Motorcycle Safety Coalition. The Florida Motorcycle Safety Coalition assists the state of Florida Motorcycle Safety Program with implementing the Motorcycle Safety Strategic Plan (MSSP) goals and strategies. The Coalition works with safety partners around the state to reduce fatalities and serious injuries to motorcycle riders and their passengers.

This Web site is a complete resource for information on rider education and training, rider conspicuity, motorist awareness, personal protective equipment, operator licensing, and the deadly consequences associated with rider impairment and speeding. This site also provides help and support to local communities and motorcycle clubs with access to public service announcements (PSA), motorcycle-related statistics, rider education information, and links to other Web sites related to motorcycle safety. The FDOT Motorcycle Safety Program is primarily funded by Section 402 of the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act – a Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU) funds which are Federal funds supporting highway safety programs.


2011 John W. Barr – District 10 Transportation Achievement Award

awerThe Florida Motorcycle Safety Coalition received the John W. Barr – District 10 Transportation Achievement Award from the Florida Section Institute of Transportation Engineers on December 1st, 2011. This award recognizes the significant achievements and outstanding contributions from the Florida Motorcycle Safety Coalition to reduce motorcycle related fatalities, injuries and crashes in Florida.

The John W. Barr District 10 Transportation Achievement Award was created in 1997, and recognizes, on a non-annual basis, significant and outstanding achievements by organizations concerned with transportation, including government agencies, educational institutions, consulting firms, industry, and others, that demonstrate advancements of the Transportation Engineering and Planning profession.

The comprehensive approaches and tremendous efforts from the Florida Motorcycle Safety Coalition contributed significantly to a 30.3% reduction in fatalities and a 21.5% reduction in motorcyclists injured in Florida from 2008 to 2010. Hundreds of lives and thousands of injuries in Florida have been saved.

2011 National Roadway Safety Award

ertThe Roadway Safety Foundation and the Federal Highway Administration hosted the 2011 National Roadway Safety Awards Recognition Ceremony in November 2011 to recognize the best and most innovative safety programs among state highway programs. Award winners are credited for reducing fatalities and injuries on our nation’s roadways through excellence and innovation in operations, planning, and design. Florida’s Motorcycle Safety Coalition won an award for its video “Making Roadways Safer for Motorcycles.” The Motorcycle Safety Coalition is extremely proud that it received this award and even more proud of the excellent partnerships that helped bring the video from an idea to an award winning reality.

2010 National Transportation Public Affairs Workshop (NTPAW) Skills Award for Best Public Awareness Event

“For nearly ten years prior to 2007, Florida has seen a significant increase in motorcycle crashes, injuries and fatalities, putting it first in the nation. Additional research showed that alcohol use was a factor in 41 percent of all motorcycle fatalities. With just one alcoholic drink, motorcyclists were five times more likely to crash. These sobering statistics lead to the “None for the Road” campaign, a significant awareness program developed by the Florida Motorcycle Safety Coalition.sert

The state of Florida, Georgia and Alabama joined together to create Ride Straight State to State event, a 70 mile ride that stretched from Campbellton, Fla., near the Georgia and Alabama borders to Panama City, FL, where the motorcyclists carried their “None for the Road” message to the Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally.

The goal was to raise awareness of the danger of drinking and riding, celebrate a successful year-long None for the Road campaign and kick off Motorcycle Safety Awareness month in May 2010.”

 2010 Tampa Bay Institute of Transportation Engineers Project of the Year

ftyjftThe Tampa Bay Institute of Transportation Engineers (TBITE) held their annual banquet and awards dinner on December 1st, 2010, and the Comprehensive Motorcycle Safety Program Project conducted by CUTR and sponsored by FDOT was awarded with the 2010 TBITE Project of the Year. This award was designed to recognize an outstanding transportation project that has applied innovative techniques and successful implementation. The project was selected for its comprehensive efforts in advancing the field of motorcycle safety and successfully reducing motorcycle related fatalities in Florida.

2009 GHSA Peter O’Rourke Special Achievement Award

The Florida Motorcycle Safety Coalition, a team of 27 safety advocates, established to develop and ftjimplement Motorcycle Strategic Safety Plan (MSSP) in response to the significant increase in Florida’s motorcycle crashes, fatalities and injuries. The Motorcycle Safety Coalition has finalized the MSSP, conducting mapping and trend analyses, produced a motorcycle traffic law enforcement video, created and implemented Florida’s first motorcycle impaired riding campaign, and hosted training and safety forums. These and other activities have led to a potential 24% reduction in motorcycle fatalities and a 9% reduction in serious injuries, despite little fluctuation in ridership numbers, no state universal helmet law, and the fact that motorcycle riding is a year-round activity in Florida.


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