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Ride Smart Florida’s Communications and Outreach emphasis area is dedicated to enhancing public awareness of crucial motorcyclist safety issues. Our strategic initiatives are designed to engage, educate, and empower diverse communities.

Multicultural Outreach

Ride Smart Florida is committed to inclusivity. We meticulously develop, implement, and evaluate a multicultural outreach plan. This involves setting specific goals and measurable objectives tailored to different communities. By focusing on high-risk rider segments identified through data analysis, such as teens, unendorsed riders, and aging riders, we strive to create targeted initiatives that resonate with diverse audiences.

Print Marketing

Our team excels in developing print marketing materials that align seamlessly with the objectives outlined in Strategy 1. These materials are designed not only to convey critical safety messages but also to appeal to a broad spectrum of audiences. Customizing messaging based on focus group research ensures relevance and impact.

Annual Electronic Communication

We meticulously develop an annual electronic communication and media plan, ensuring that our messages resonate across various digital platforms. This strategic approach allows us to stay current, relevant, and effective in reaching our target audience. The team adopts monthly motorcyclist safety themes, identifying high-risk behaviors and integrating SMART objectives into our communication and media plan. From preventing motorcycle DUI to championing the importance of endorsements and continued education, every month unfolds as an opportunity to educate, inspire, and create a lasting impact. By integrating cutting-edge communication tools, we amplify our impact and foster a culture of safety awareness.

Group of people visiting a RideSmart event tent

Targeted Focus on High-Risk Segments

All of our communication efforts are data-driven and focused on specific high-risk rider segments. By analyzing relevant data, we identify areas that require special attention. This strategic focus allows us to tailor our outreach efforts to address the unique challenges and safety concerns faced by different groups within the riding community.

Join us in our mission to make every motorcycle journey safer. Explore the vibrant initiatives of Ride Smart Florida’s Communications and Outreach Arm, where impactful communication strategies are shaping a safer future for all riders.