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County Crash Facts

County Crash Facts

Motorcycle Fatalities vs Proportion of MC Fatalities in Traffic Fatalities by County

From 2017-2022, Miami-Dade county averaged 52 motorcycle fatalities per year, which represented the highest among all the counties in Florida. Other counties with large number of motorcycle fatalities included Hillsborough, Broward, Volusia, Palm Beach, Orange. A slightly different picture emerges when examining the proportion of overall traffic fatalities accounted for by motorcycle fatalities. In contrast to what was reported above,  Volusia (30.3%)  had the largest proportion of motorcycle fatalities, followed by Brevard (25.2%), Pasco (21.8%), Pinellas(21.3%) and Hillsborough(18.4%). This demonstrates that counties with high motorcycle registration rates such as Miami-Dade, are more likely to have high annual fatality numbers as well, but those fatalities don’t necessarily represent a large proportion of fatalities overall.

Motorcycle Crash Facts by County

It is important to understand the trends and patterns of motorcycle crashes at county level to improve motorcyclist safety in Florida. Click on each heading to reveal the selected county motorcycle crash facts. View the downloadable PDF by clicking on the image or on the “Download PDF” link.