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Crashes Over time

Crashes Over time

The number of annual motorcycle fatalities observed in Florida has more than doubled over the past twenty years. Since 2015 it saw a declining trend till 2020, however in 2021, it reached a new peak at 621. Of additional concern, overall traffic fatalities increased by 13% over the past five years, whereas motorcycle fatalities increased by 15%.

Motorcycles represent just 3% of the registered motor vehicles and account for less than 1% of the vehicle miles traveled (VMT) on Florida roadways. Moreover, during the past five years, only about 2% of all Florida traffic crashes involved a motorcycle. Despite these low figures, motorcycles continue to be involved in a disproportionate number of fatal crashes, with motorcycle fatalities representing nearly 17% of all traffic crash deaths in Florida during the most recent five-year period. 

The following figures present motorcycle fatalities and serious injuries by month and day of week.

From 2015 to 2022, motorcycle fatalities and serious injuries tended to occur with the greatest frequency during the spring and fall. Illustrating this point, serious injuries were most common during the month of March, followed by April and October. March also had the highest number of motorcycle fatalities, with November and December representing subsequent high points.

When broken down by day of the week, a clear trend emerges: From 2015 to 2022, motorcycle fatalities and serious injuries occurred at a greater frequency on weekends than on weekdays. Both outcomes were most common on Saturday, followed by Sunday and Friday.