Below are a number of factors that uniquely contribute to motorcycle crashes in Florida. Table below shows total number of motorcycle operators injured by age and gender.

*These numbers correspond to 2015 motorcycle crash injuries by age and gender. They are estimated based on values from the FDOT Crash Analysis Reporting System (CARS), and may not match final reported figures.


  • During the past decade, the proportion of aging riders involved in motorcycle crashes has been slowly increasing. In 2015, the 55+ age group represented more than 20 percent of all motorcycle crashes in Florida which was almost double from 2005.


  • Florida is a popular tourist destination and host to a number of motorcycle enthusiast events.
  • In 2015, 94 percent of motorcycle operators involved in traffic crashes and 95 percent of fatally injured motorcycle operators in Florida were Florida residents.

Registrations and Endorsements

  • As of Jan 2015, there were 593,321 registered motorcycles in Florida.
  • As of Jan 2015, registered motorcycles accounted for 3.1% of Florida’s motoring public.
  • As of July, 2013, there were 1,111,813 endorsed motorcyclists in Florida.

Helmet Use

    • In 2013, helmet use in Florida was observed at 50.7 percent.
Year DOT-Compliant Non-Compliant No Helmet # of Observations
2010 52.40% 1.30% 46.30% 5,196
2011 49.20% 3.40% 47.40% 7,547
2012 47.00% 3.10% 49.90% 10,363
2013 50.70% 2.90% 46.40% 9,464
Avg. 49.83% 2.68% 47.49% 8,143
  • Since the repeal of the helmet law in 2000, the number of fatal crashes for every 10,000 registered motorcycles increased by 21 percent, suggesting motorcyclists without helmets are more likely to suffer serious and fatal injuries.

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