“Your ability to operate a motorcycle — or any vehicle — is reduced anytime you drink or get high. Drugs, whether legally prescribed or illegal, pose a threat to you, your passenger and others on the road. When it comes to alcohol, even a small amount of alcohol reduces brain function and impairs thinking, reasoning and muscle coordination.” (NHTSA)

  • Studies by NHTSA, the states of Florida and Kentucky, and Australia (“Quick Tips: The Importance of Riding Unimpaired by Alcohol or Other Drugs”) (Motorcycle Safety Foundation, 2006) indicate the following:
  • Having any alcohol in one’s body increases the chance of crashing by five times.
  • Having a BAC greater than 0.05% increases the risk of crashing about 40-fold.
  • One-fourth of all fatal alcohol-related motorcycle crashes involve motorcyclists running off the road, overturning, or falling from the motorcycle rather than striking another object.

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