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The Roadway Engineering emphasis area is committed to enhancing and promoting safe engineering practices throughout the state to improve motorcyclist safety. We understand that the road environment plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of motorcyclists, and our multifaceted approach covers centralized program coordination, meticulous planning, innovative design, seamless implementation, and thorough evaluation.

Designing for Motorcyclist Safety

In the realm of roadway design, we prioritize the integration of motorcyclist safety considerations. Recognizing the unique characteristics of motorcycles and the vulnerability of riders, our strategy revolves around creating roadways that cater to the diverse needs of all users. By addressing these distinctive features, we aim to develop road structures that not only meet the highest safety standards but also enhance the overall experience for motorcyclists.

Best Practices in Motorcycle-Specific Engineering

Knowledge-sharing is at the core of our mission. We are committed to developing and disseminating best practices information pertaining to motorcycle-specific engineering countermeasures. Through this initiative, we empower engineers, planners, and decision-makers with insights and strategies tailored to enhance safety for motorcyclists on Florida’s roads. By fostering a community of informed professionals, we contribute to the ongoing improvement of roadway safety.

Enhancing Data Exchange for Safer Roads

We advocate for improved data exchange between state and local agencies. This includes essential information on crash locations, roadway characteristics, and conditions that may pose potential hazards to motorcyclists. By fostering a collaborative approach to data sharing, we create a more comprehensive understanding of risk factors, enabling targeted interventions to enhance overall roadway safety. This data-driven strategy ensures that our efforts are informed, efficient, and effective.

Motorcycle riding behind cars on the road towards the sun

Educating the Highway Engineering Workforce

Our commitment to motorcyclist safety extends to those responsible for shaping and maintaining our roadways. Through targeted educational initiatives, we aim to inform and educate the highway engineering and maintenance workforce about conditions that may be hazardous to motorcycles. This proactive approach ensures that those involved in the development and maintenance of Florida’s road infrastructure are equipped with the knowledge needed to create safer environments for all road users.

Join us on this journey to create roadways that prioritize the safety of motorcyclists. By combining engineering expertise with a dedication to motorcyclist safety, we can make Florida’s roads safer for everyone.