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S.M.A.R.T. courses

SMART Motorcycle Safety Courses:
Collier County, Osceola, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Palm Beach County, and Tampa.

The goal of SMART Courses are to help students demonstrate safe motorcycle riding techniques by negotiating commonly found street riding situations in a controlled and skill oriented manner. SMART Courses are fun and very informative, and are offered in Collier County, Osceola, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Palm Beach County, and Tampa. They challenge you where they know they can and help you where they see it’s needed. Check area location the website for the schedule of classes and for more information. 

SMART Motorcycle Safety Courses: Collier County, Osceola, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Palm Beach County, and Tampa.


To promote adequate rider training and preparation for the road, motorcycle riders are required by law to get a motorcycle license. Proper training and education will expose you to critical skills needed to enjoy a safe and exciting ride! The BRCu is the newest version of the Basic Rider Course, and was developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

The BRCu updated course includes more realistic traffic scenarios as students learn:

Basic physical skills

Mental strategies

Manipulation of basic controls

Rider perception & strategies

Turning & cornering maneuvers

Handling emergencies

Would you drive with a person who did not have a driver’s license?

The answer most people would give is no, yet a disturbingly large number of motorcycle riders feel it is OK to ride without a motorcycle license.


Being properly licensed and endorsed is required by law and is one of the first steps to becoming a safe rider. Just having a driver’s license does not mean you are legal to ride a motorcycle and it does not mean the individual understands the different handling features of a motorcycle. Florida requires all two and three-wheeled motor vehicle operators to obtain a license and endorsement to operate the vehicles.

After July 1, 2008 new motorcyclists, no matter their age, must take and pass the Basic RiderCourse (or equivalent) through the Florida Rider Training Program before they can have the motorcycle endorsement added to their license.


In the state of Florida, motorcycles are not required to be insured in order to purchase a tag.  However, if a motorcycle is involved in a crash where the owner is cited for a moving violation and there is an indication of an injury to themselves or others, or at least $500 in damages, the owner’s driving privilege and registration could be suspended unless he/she can provide proof of full liability insurance (10/20/10) on the date of the crash. If proof of insurance can’t be provided, the at fault party will be required to purchase liability insurance in the form of an SR-22 insurance certificate. This certificate of insurance will need to be maintained for a period of three years from the original suspension date.