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Ride Smart Florida’s Advocacy and Policy emphasis area is dedicated to educating the public about legislative and judicial initiatives that have the potential to improve motorcyclist safety in Florida through positive changes to motorcycle-related laws in Florida. We believe that by actively engaging with policy development and advocating for impactful changes, we can create an environment that prioritizes the well-being of motorcyclists and fosters safer roadways for everyone.

Mobilizing for Change

Our strategy begins with the identification and development of clear calls to action. By educating our community, we aim to create a united front that advocates for policies and laws that prioritize motorcyclist safety. Through targeted initiatives and campaigns, we encourage individuals, organizations, and the broader public to join us in shaping a safer future for motorcyclists.

Attendants at a RideSmart event tent reviewing materials
People visiting a RideSmart event tent

Collaborative Advocacy

Our second strategy involves close coordination with other coalitions, organizations, and entities that share our commitment to improving motorcyclist safety. By fostering collaboration, we aim to amplify our advocacy efforts and create a network of like-minded individuals and groups working towards common goals. Together, we can achieve impactful and lasting changes to benefit the entire motorcycling community.

Judicial Support for Safe Riding

We support legislative efforts that provide judges with the discretion to mandate motorcycle operators charged with unlawful speed and/or careless driving violations to appear before a court and attend a motorcycle-specific driver improvement course. This approach aligns with our commitment to education and ensures that riders receive targeted guidance to enhance their skills and promote safer riding practices.

Addressing Legislative Gaps

Our advocacy extends to identifying and addressing gaps in Florida statutes related to motorcycles. We are committed to working collaboratively towards comprehensive solutions that strengthen existing laws and introduce new measures where needed. By actively participating in legislative processes, we strive to shape a legal framework that safeguards the rights and safety of motorcyclists on Florida’s roads.

Overall, Ride Smart Florida supports policies that improve motorcyclist safety in Florida. Our policy positions on motorcyclist safety and other issues direct our public policy advocacy efforts. Learn more about Florida’s motorcycle laws or click to learn more about our Coalition’s policy positions here: