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Ride Smart Florida is reminding motorcyclists that the road is not a racetrack. On a motorcycle, performance is what it’s all about, but almost a quarter of all motorcycle fatalities in Florida involve speeding. Give yourself time to react to whatever comes your way.

Speed matters. Your decision to speed could be the difference between life and death. Riding the speed limit may allow other drivers to gauge your speed and distance properly. Give them a chance to see you – give yourself a chance to ride another day.

The fine for exceeding the speed limit by more than 50 mph is raised to $1,000 for the 1st offense and $2,500 for the second. In addition, a second offense will result in a 1-year driver license suspension. Slowdown, it will help you save your life and other’s lives.

Racetracks are designed for races and designed for crashes. Public streets are not designed for speed… there are obstacles like cars, trees, barriers, curbs and more. Even pros mess up on the track, that’s why they clear out areas around the track for that exact reason. Out on the road there are so many obstacles to hit when you go down. The road is not your racetrack.

Stopping Distance

Speed is a critical factor in all road crashes and fatalities. Riding a motorcycle is unpredictable and if something unexpected happens on the road ahead, it’s the rider’s speed that will determine whether they can stop in time.

Are you aware of the distances needed to brake at certain speeds?

Here is something to think about….

Braking Distance Chart

What is overriding your headlight?

It’s a result of speeding at night…when your total stopping distance is further than you can see. Basically…it’s driving too fast in the dark. Headlights only shine so far ahead. If you drive too fast it may not allow you sufficient time to react to any obstacles or approaching curves. Just slow down and Ride Smart Florida!

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Stunting is illegal!

Did you know the first ticket will land you a $1000 fine, the second ticket will cost you $2500, and the third ticket could be a $5000 fine, and/or losing your bike, and/or a 10 year license revocation?

Keep it off the street and take it to the track. The Florida State University Police Department Motorsports Team has been educating the motoring public on safe, legal venues to pursue their desire to compete through the use of motorsports events. The FSUPD Motorsports Team spreads its traffic safety awareness message by hosting educational track days for first time track riders. Interested Florida residents can contact Jason Harris (jdharris@fsu.edu) for more information.

FSUPD Motorsports Team’s Facebook page (Web)

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