Survival Strategies

Motorcycling is considered serious fun! Serious because there is risk involved and fun because riding a motorcycle is a joy! Whether you are an experienced rider with 40+ years in the saddle or returning to riding after several years or just passed a basic rider course and riding for the first time…riding a motorcycle is dangerous. Did you know that the proportion of single vehicle crashes for motorcycles is almost three times higher than automobiles in Florida? According to Florida crash statistics over the past ten years (2003-2012), 36% of all motorcycle accidents are single vehicle accidents—meaning motorcycle versus tree, sign, pavement, or other obstacle—while only 14% of all automobile crashes are single vehicle accidents.

Ride Smart Florida understands that distracted driving and inattentive drivers are a major concern for motorcyclists. The promotion of motorist awareness has been one of our top priorities for the past five years and we continue to work on including motorcycle awareness in driver education courses and promote awareness all across the state with our “Look Twice/Save a Life” campaign.

But….motorcycle safety ultimately begins with you…the rider. Close calls are a warning. Crashes are the result of you not heeding those warnings. Ride Smart Florida would like to challenge you to look at your riding habits, skills, attitudes, and behaviors to see if you are following these simple safety/survival strategies and Riding S.M.A.R.T!

Motorcycle Tips & Techniques

Tips: 001-036 Tips: 037-072 Tips: 073-108 Tips: 109-144 Tips: 145-180 Tips: 181-216 Tips: 217-252 Tips: 253-277
New Rider
For those who have just started or are about to do so.
Radically different at slow speeds than at normal riding speeds.
Riding Hazards
There will seldom be a ride that does not present a challenge.
Protecting Your Skin
‘All The Gear All The Time’ (ATGATT).
Brakes are not designed to stop you, they are to slow you down.
Handling in a Curve
Anybody can ride a motorcycle in a straight line. Here you learn how to ride in a curve.
Practice and Education
How to become proficient – and stay that way.
Group Riding
There are ‘rules’ to be followed if you ride with others.
You control the motorcycle, he/she controls you!
Maintenance and Technology
Since your life depends on your equipment, here you learn what you need to do to take care of it.
First Aid
Knowing what you need to do, and what you can do, to help that other rider.
Some topics simply don’t fit elsewhere – so here they are.

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