Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Image of victim being treated

Lake Sumter EMS – Terry Georgia

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) play a critical role in the outcome and consequences for a motorcyclist seriously injured in a crash.Quick response times and proper training of EMS personnel increase the odds of survivability for the motorcyclist involved.

Florida’s Emergency Medical Services Strategic Plan and Motorcycle Safety Strategic Plan share the common goal of improving outcomes for motorcyclists injured in traffic crashes. Fatalities, non-fatal hospitalizations, and non-fatal emergency department visits resulting from motorcycle traffic crashes have been on the rise. EMS and the motorcycle safety community can partner together in their efforts to educate the public on the risks associated with motorcycle riding and the benefits of personal protective equipment.

Source: Motorcycle Safety Strategic Plan (PDF)

To request more information, contact the following:

Trauma: Susan McDevitt
Injury Prevention/Epidemiology: Kyla Shelton
Emergency Response: Cory Richter



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