scooterWelcome to the world of two-wheel scooter transportation. You are going to have a marvelous time!

Riding a scooter skillfully and safely depend on mastering not only the skill of riding it, but also on the mental strategies related to sharing the road with other vehicles.

Of course, proper riding gear is essential to safe riding and wearing the proper clothing always makes the activity more enjoyable and more comfortable, too. Wear it every time you ride. Proper riding gear could make the difference between a bruise and a more serious injury, if you have a crash.

A properly fitted, DOT approved helmet is one of the best items of protective gear you can use. Around the block or around the world, it makes sense to leave home with a DOT approved helmet that is securely fastened on your head. Additionally, eye protection, rain gear, and other items with reflective materials for high visibility and conspicuity are excellent choices when sharing the road with others. In the event of a crash, rainstorm, or night riding, every bit helps.

To learn more about scooters and some of the more important information related to riding them, Ride Smart Florida recommends spending a few minutes with the following guide. Reading the information may be one of the most valuable efforts you will make for your own safety and enjoyment.

Scooter-tips! (PDF)

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