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While scooters are fun, it is important to get training and gear up. Be sure to get training and get licensed! A good way to do this is by taking the Basic RiderCourse (BRC).

Even though scooter and moped riders with an engine under 50cc are not required to participate in the BRC, scooter riders should take safe riding seriously. Many scooter riders can benefit from taking the BRC, which prepares riders for strategies and skills necessary to interact with other drivers on public streets.

The BRC curriculum addresses curves, intersections, and other road hazards you will encounter while riding. Learning and practicing these techniques will make your ride more enjoyable.


Remember, scooter operators have the same responsibilities as other motor vehicle operators!

 You must have a Class E license to operate a scooter. For engines over 50cc, you need a motorcycle endorsement. 

Wearing a headset/ headphones while operating a scooter is prohibited.

Riding a scooter on a bike lane/ pedestrian path is prohibited.

If your engine is over 50cc’s, you must wear eye protection.

If your engine is over 50cc, all riders under 21 must wear a helmet.