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Sejong Center for Innovation

The Sejong Center for Innovation (SCI) is a cornerstone project that is designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of KSEA (2021) and to establish new challenges for the next 50 years of KSEA for all its members and the Korean- American community in general.

The SCI will be housed in a new building and also represents a set of new missions and goals. The SCI proposal has been approved by the KSEA Council and already has been announced in Korea.

Mission and Vision of the SCI


The SCI will provide numerous programs in the areas of:

Donor Prospects

The domestic fundraising goal of the SCI is $5 million USD by the end of 2022. Although a funding request of $100 million has been made to the Korean government, this amount represents a most ambitious scenario that would provide a large brick and mortar building that is sufficient for all the objectives outlined.

For SCI fundraising in the United States, we have carved out funds specifically for the SCI, which provides a real possibility to build or purchase a building and initiate the new projects in steps. We initiated the SCI project with the optimistic view that much greater funding would be forthcoming in order to enlarge the scope of the building as well as the projects outlined.

With your generous donation to the SCI and various programs of KSEA shown below, you will be acknowledged across KSEA and SCI’s core programs and honors.