S.M.A.R.T. courses:

The goal of SMART Courses are to help students demonstrate safe motorcycle riding techniques by negotiating commonly found street riding situations in a controlled and skill oriented manner.
There are four different locations in the state of Florida that offer skills training and practice to make your riding more fun, enjoyable and accomplished!



There is a common belief throughout the motorcycle community that motorcycle crashes are caused by careless motorists who either drive while texting or simply do not pay attention to the road. Considering only multi-vehicle crashes that involve motorcycles and other vehicles, motorists are at fault in 39% of crashes; however, when evaluating all crashes (multi-vehicle and single-vehicle), research indicates that motorcyclists are at fault 61% of the time.


How can you ride S.M.A.R.T?

Motorcycle crashes frequently involve a combination of high-risk behaviors by motorcyclists or motorists. These behaviors include riding or driving without a valid license or endorsement or while under the influence of alcohol, deciding not to use a safety device such as a helmet or safety belt, or speeding. Unfortunately, these factors frequently occur in combination with one another.

There are inherent risks when riding a motorcycle, and motorcyclists accept these risks when riding. Motorcyclists also have a duty to exercise good judgment and ride responsibly. Motorcyclists who manage risk well are those who have the knowledge, skills, attitude, values, and habits to be responsible riders.

Make Yourself More Noticeable

Motorcyclists should make sure they can be seen in a crowd, because riders who are visible or “conspicuous” are less likely to have their right-of-way violated. There are easy ways to make yourself and your ride visible.

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Wear Personal Protective Gear

Without the protection of a ton of steel, a rider’s head, arms, and legs are vulnerable and most prone to injury in a crash. Besides keeping you warm and dry, protective clothing and equipment can keep you safe.

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Don’t Drink and Ride

Drinking influences your perception, thinking, and coordination. The consequences of drinking and riding are serious and real.  Find out what you have to lose.

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When motorcycles are involved in a crash with another vehicle, oftentimes the other vehicle’s driver is at fault.

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