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On average, riders have less than four seconds to avoid a crash after observing a potential hazard. Reacting safely and efficiently requires practice and muscle memory. An advanced motorcycle training course is an exciting way for you to practice crash-avoidance techniques, and to enhance your overall riding experience. Sign up on your own or with your riding buddies to put your skills to the test.



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Periodic Training Can:

Allow you to re-evaluate and refresh your riding skills alongside a coach

Provide guidance on adapted riding techniques

Allow you to evaluate motorcycle types that best fit your abilities

Renew your confidence on the road!

The Florida Rider Training Program has a listing of all courses listed by county. Simply look for a provider in one of the listed counties for a Beginning, Advanced or 3 Wheel RiderCourse near you!

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S.M.A.R.T. courses

View all SMART Motorcycle Safety Courses Locations

Check out this brochure for S.M.A.R.T. safety course and Track Day information: Training Options Brochure (PDF)

Included in this guide are three different training options in the state of Florida that offer skills training and practice to make your riding more fun, enjoyable and accomplished!

Find out more about FRTP Training Safety Course Locations.

Track Day Program

How the program works

Track Day events are designed to get riders who push the limits of their skills and machines off the road and onto the controlled environment of a track.

Track Day training is intended to increase the technical skills, confidence and respect in riders.

The program is available for Florida residents who have never been on the track before, especially riders who engage in street racing and stunting. We encourage riders to keep the speed on the track and off the road.

Learn more: tracklife308.com/